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Welcome to Icon Dental Brands


At Icon Dental Brands, we strive to achieve a level of cohesive care not often seen in today’s dental practices. We dream of becoming more—the seamless blending of dental specialties working together as a team to deliver the most advanced and affordable treatments possible.

We have spared no expense in preparing for that reality. Our Suffolk and Virginia Beach practices are beautiful, modern, and upscale examples of what’s possible when design and technology blend seamlessly to reflect the quality of our care and the esteem of our providers.

Our goal is to set you and your family on a life-long journey of great oral health. By utilizing specialty services early, we can often definitively treat problems faster while reducing the costs of more extensive treatment later.

We invite you to schedule an appointment at our Suffolk dental office or Virginia Beach offices on Independence Blvd,, Holland Rd., or First Colonial Rd. At Icon Dental Brands, we work hard to ensure every appointment is comfortable, relieves any discomfort, or gives you the smile you've always wanted!

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